Managing, Inducting, Inviting workers/contractors to site

It is free for individuals to create an account with SiteSmart.


Invite people to join your site to participate in health and safety.

Once invited, workers, contractors and visitors can induct, sign in and participate in health and safety.

Setting up your Company Policy

  1. Login to SiteSmart

  2. From your dashboard, select the site you want to invite people to

  3. On the side navigation, select "People"

  4. To invite people, click the "+ Add person" button

  5. Decide what role they will have, add their email and select "invite person"

  6. We'll send them an invitation to either join SiteSmart (if they don't have an account) or to join your site

Once someone has been invited to join a site they can then induct, sign-in, raise messages and send notifications.

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