Site Raised Messages

Raise important information to site managers


Workers can raise messages to promptly report potential hazards and other key activities to site managers for timely resolution and follow up action. SiteSmart enables collaboration between workers and site managers, ensuring a proactive approach to addressing safety concerns and promoting a culture of accountability and transparency.

Effective health and safety is only possible with two-way communication. Make sure your workers know they can raise messages to site managers

Raising a message

  1. Navigate to the site you are attending

  2. Under the general tab, you will view 2-3 buttons; 1. Induct 2. Raise It, and, if you are a site administrator you will see button 3. Manage Site

  3. Select "Raise It"

  4. Enter the details of what you are notifying your manager about; incidents, hazards, near miss, etc

  5. Select your location

  6. Add the date and time

  7. Upload photos or other files

  8. Select "send"

Viewing raised messages

  1. If you are a site administrator, you will be able to select "Manage Site"

  2. On the left hand navigation bar, under activity, navigate to "Raised Messages"

  3. Open the message to read the details and action

  4. Read messages turn grey. Unread messages remain orange.

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