Health and safety made easy

Set up your company

Build your profile by adding staff members, master health and safety policy and registers.

Create sites

Set up as many sites as you like – you don’t pay for them until they’re published. Pull in master policies and registers then personalise them to each site.

Keep everyone in the loop

Invite anyone who’ll be onsite during the project so they can view policies and registers, and notify you on the spot of any new hazards or risks.


Safety records made simple

Set up and share your policies, processes and task analyses, and run site inspections with ease. With smart registers, templates, and on-site tools, SiteSmart makes it easy to ensure you’re capturing the right information in the right way.


Everything in one place

SiteSmart keeps all your health and safety records, policies and information in one place and up-to-date, saving you time and duplication. Hazards and issues are updated for everyone in real time.


Keep everyone connected

Help everyone on-site stay in the loop — and make sure they get home safe. Use SiteSmart to run digital inductions, raise issues and changes, and see who’s on- site at a glance.

Running your site just got a whole lot easier.

The smart way to be site safe.