Keep everyone connected

Keep the whole team in the loop with SiteSmart.

Use SiteSmart to run digital inductions, notify staff and contractors about hazards and changes and see who's on-site at a glance.

All you need to keep your workforce in the loop.

  • Site inductions

    Workers can log into SiteSmart to get inducted onto site ahead of time.
  • Raise incidents and risks

    Workers can alert sites and managers about issues, risks or changes on-site.
  • Sign in/out

    See who’s on-site at any time.
  • PPE register

    See all PPE assigned to staff.
  • Training register

    Keep a record of all staff training.
  • Toolbox talks

    Record toolbox talks and access topic templates.

Provide key documents with ease

Easily create task analyses, pre-start assessments and toolbox talks. Export registers and your health and safety policies to share as needed.

Automatically notify workers and other contractors.

If something important happens, SiteSmart notifies everyone who needs to know.

Ask our advisors

Easily reach out to our expert advisors — because sometimes it pays to get a second opinion.

Online support

Our support centre and online guides will help you get the most out of SiteSmart.

We’ve been in your boots

SiteSmart was developed by Site Safe – the experts in health and safety with over 6500 member businesses.

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