Site incidents

Keep records of all incidents and near misses


It is important to log all incidents and near misses on site, regardless of if they need to be reported directly to Worksafe. Doing so establishes your site is taking appropriate measures to report incidents.

Creating a site incident

  1. To create a new incident, click “New Incident”.

  2. SiteSmart will automatically locate your site in the map but you’ll have to zoom in and locate the position of where the incident occurred.

  3. Fill out the details and create the incident.

  4. Select the person(s) affected – if any.

    You now have a secure log of your incident.

    Returning to the incidents page you can see all incidents and site managers can conduct an inspection if nessersary. These are saved in the cloud and can be accessed or shown to appropriate parties should the need arise.

What’s a notifiable incident?

The health and safety regulator must be notified when certain work-related incidents (notifiable events) happen. What determines if an incident is notifiable, and what you must do, will depend on the location the incident occurs. Different countries/states have guidance available for helping you decide. To go to the relevant authority website, select from the below.

New ZealandWorkSafe NZ

AustraliaComcare Australia

Australian Capital TerritoryWorkSafe ACT

New South WalesSafeWork NSW

Northern Territories — NTWorkSafe

QueenslandWorkSafe QLD

South AustraliaSafeWork SA

TasmaniaWorkSafe TAS

VictoriaWorkSafe VIC

Western AustraliaWorkSafe WA

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