Task Analysis

Plan out specific tasks across your company.


Create a library of detailed task analysis' for specific tasks performed within your company or on site, ensuring efficiency, safety and regulatory compliance when carry out tasks. The Task Analysis (TA) involves specific actions, tools used, environmental factors and potential hazards. You can duplicate an existing TA and simply edit the details, saving you administration time. Streamline workflow processes, enhance visibility into task-related activities, and enable your workers to proactively address emerging challenges and opportunities.

Duplicate a task analysis and edit for each site to save admin time

Creating a Task Analysis

  1. Login to Site Smart

  2. Select your resources on the side navigation

  3. Select "Task Analysis".

  4. Select "Create New Task". If you have previous TA's available you can duplicate these and edit them for new TAs.

  5. Enter "what is the name of the task"

  6. Enter what site the task will be carried out on or add a custom site. Select "Finish"

  7. Add your task overview. Select "Finish"

  8. Add your people involved. Select "Finish"

  9. Edit your emergency response plan. Describe emergency, rescue method, Equipment required, People involved in the emergency. Select "Finish"

  10. Detail the first specific step of the process, by clicking 'add step' and then include the potential hazards at each step and the PPE required. You can add as many steps as needed.

  11. Once you have added your steps - scroll back to the top of the page

Additional notes

  • You can download your TA to provide to the Site Manager or for recording purposes.

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