Training Register

Manage and monitor the training records of your workforce


Company administrators can store employees training and qualification records in the "Training Register".

Share your training register records by exporting a CSV file

Setting up your training register

  1. Login to to SiteSmart

  2. Select companies on the top navigation bar

  3. Select "Training Register" on the left hand side navigation bar

  4. Select "Add Training"

  5. Choose "who did the training", this can be an individual or multiple people. Note if you have not invited your worker to site, or they have not accepted your invitation, you will not be able to assign a record of training to them.

  6. Complete the remaining relevent fields; and select "Finish"

Additional notes

  • You can export your worker training records via a CSV file and share or print as required.

  • You can go to "People" in Company to view your workers training records, edit and remove records, and add additional training records direct from this landing page.

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