Site Temporary Hazards

Temporary Hazards are great way to inform your contractors, visitors and employees of any temporary hazards on site.


Record and communicate transient or short-term temporary hazards that may arise during specific work carried out on site.

Identify, plan and communicate temporary hazards in real-time, ensuring the safety and well-being of workers on site, while minimising risks associated with temporary work conditions.

Setting up a temporary hazard

  1. Select "Sites" on the side navigation bar

  2. Select the site you wish to add temporary hazards to. If you do not have any sites, you will need to first create a site, or be added to the site as a site administrator.

  3. On the side navigation, under the site click "Hazards" then "Temporary hazards".

  4. Select "+ new temporary hazard"

  5. Put in the name, hazard description, start date and end date. Click "create"

  6. Your temporary hazard has now been entered into the temporary hazard register.

    Edit temporary hazards from the register if the details or dates change. Once the hazard has gone from sites the record will appear in the previous hazards tab in the register.

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