PPE Register

Keep a track of your employees issued Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).


Record and manage Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) assigned to workers across your organisation. Document the allocation of PPE to individual workers, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and organisational protocols.

Setting up your PPE register

  1. Login to Site Smart

  2. Select your company on the side navigation

  3. Select "PPE " under the company registers

  4. Select "Add PPE"

  5. Select PPE item from dropdown

  6. Add description (optional)

  7. Assignee - assign to worker

  8. Select an identifier number (optional)

  9. Add date of issue

  10. Add date of expiry

  11. Select "Finish"

Additional notes

  • You can go to People in Company to view your people records, and view the PPE assigned to each worker. You can edit and remove records, and assign additional PPE direct from this landing page.

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