People In Company

Inviting and managing your staff information


Invite employee's to your company and assign roles and worksites. Once invited, you can assign training and PPE records and view worker activities in real time. Workers can engage and participate in health and safety. SiteSmart helps to streamline communication, enhance accountability, and ensures comprehensive safety oversight across all company employees.

Invite your workers to participate in site health and safety.

Setting up your people in company

  1. Login to Site Smart

  2. Select your company on the side navigation

  3. Select "People" to invite your employee's to your company

  4. Select "Invite person"

  5. Enter their email address

  6. Select their permissions, either Company Admin or Company person. Select "Send Invite"

  7. Once the user has created an account and accepted the invite, their details and permissions will appear on your People in Company dashboard.

  8. You can access the 'Actions" button on the right hand side of the persons details, to remove or revoke administrator access.

  9. When you select the persons details by clicking in their name, you will see a dashboard outling their basic information; name, phone, email and date invited. You can view what sites they are part of, their activities, their training records, and the PPE that has been assigned to them.

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