Master Plant and Equipment

Keep track of your companies plant and equipment


Stored at company level, The Master Plant and Equipment register records and manages your plant and equipment assets, owned or operated by your organisation. Maintain a detailed inventory of machinery, tools, and other equipment across various sites and departments, ensuring compliance and operational efficiency from one central location.

Use SiteSmart to keep your plant and equipment inspected and certified.

Keep track of your companies plant and equipment

  1. Login to Site Smart

  2. Select your company on the side navigation

  3. Select "Plant and equipment " under the company registers

  4. Select "New Item"

  5. Enter the details of your new tool or plant. NOTE: Any hazardous substances and safety data sheets should be recorded in your Hazardous Substances register, held at Site Level.

  6. Enter the purchase date of the tool or plant where applicable

  7. Enter any relating PPE or PPC instructions.

  8. Select yes or no, should those using the equipment require a certificate of compliance to use.

  9. Enter if the certificate is current.

  10. Enter the test or certification frequency

  11. Enter the visual frequency

  12. Enter the maintained or service frequency

Additional notes

  • Should you no longer be using the equipment, or have purchased new equipment, you may dispose of this item.

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