Getting started with SiteSmart

It can be intimidating starting to digitise your health and safety or switching to a new tool. We’ve got the essential info you need to know to set your business up with a solid system which keeps your business compliant.


SiteSmart is your digital health and safety system. Use it to keep your business and workers on top of daily health and safety activities and obligations, and reduce harm on site.

What’s covered by SiteSmart?

SiteSmart has tools which covers all the main aspects of H&S:

  1. Risk: taking steps to Identify, assess and reduce risk
  2. People: ensuring staff are adequately trained, managed and equipped to remain safe
  3. Policies: establishing your company's processes for managing health and safety
  4. Administration: ensuring you can track, manage and demonstrate robust health and safety practices.

Your companies

You'll start by setting up a company account to cover your core health and safety obligations. You can record your processes with task analyses, record toolbox talks and set up company policies.

You can also:

  • invite unlimited employees
  • record their training
  • assign their PPE
  • give them visibility over company policies and procedures
  • add them to different jobs.

Your sites

Once your company is set up, you can create linked sites for each of your projects. Each site has its own health and safety documents, tools (for example inspection templates), and hazard registers.

For each site, you can invite your employees and nominate site managers who will be responsible for managing and overseeing safety on-site.

Site managers can:

  • view all of the site’s activities
  • monitor raised messages
  • add and edit all the site information (for example, hazards or policy documents).

Who uses SiteSmart?

Everyone on site can use SiteSmart and contribute to site safety – whether they're a manager, worker or even a visitor. Learn more about how different people can use SiteSmart.

What can you do with SiteSmart?

SiteSmart's features include:

  1. Company registers. Assess and manage health and safety across your business and employees with training, PPE, plant and equipment, and hazard registers.
  2. Resources. Useful tools you can use on-site to help plan or undertake activites – including task analyses, site inspections and pre-start assessments.
  3. Site activity. Keep track of whats happening on-site and keep workers informed with site inductions, sign-in/sign out, and the ability for employees to raise messages with managers.
  4. Site information. Manage all of your site information, including policies, hazards, hazardous subtances, and emergency procedures.