Company (and Site) Policies

Create policies which cover your sites and company.


Company administrators can create and maintain their company health and safety policy information to be shared to sites and used for inductions.

Use your existing policy or create a new policy using the template provided.

Setting up your Company Policy

  1. Login to SiteSmart

  2. Select your company on the side navigation

  3. Under your company select "Company policy"

  4. Select "Create Company Policy"

  5. Copy and paste in your existing policy, or update the template provided.

  6. Select "Create"

  7. To add your company policy to your site or sites, navigate to "All sites"

  8. Select your site

  9. Navigate to "Site policy"

  10. Select "Create policy"

  11. Use the existing company policy, or edit to create a site specific policy document

  12. Select "Use as Site Policy"

Additional notes

  • Note: If you are a company administrator, you can edit your company policy from this screen. You will not be able to edit the company policy if you do not have company admin permissions.

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